Brampton Transit 8788-8793

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Retired Brampton Transit Classics at Rutherford yard.

Brampton Transit 8788-8793 were TC40-102N (Classic) buses built in 1987 by Motor Coach Industries. They were the first order of new buses for Brampton not to feature the blue interior, but were black instead. All were powered by a DDC 6V-71N/Allison V731 ATEC powertrain and sat 42 passengers. They were not equipped with air conditioning, and had top tilt-in windows.

All were refurbished in 2000/2001, and were repainted with the new-style blue-on-red lettering (with the exception of 8788). This version of the lettering was initially thought to have been incorrect (originally supposed to have been red-on-blue, with the blue as background shading), but all units purchased and refurbished after received it.

During their later years, they could be found in rush hour service on routes such as the 6, 10, 20, 91/92 GO shuttles and various school specials, as well on regular service runs.

The bulk of the fleet was retired in February 2008 (when the 2007 LFS entered service) and parked at Rutherford Public Work yard until final disposal.

Engine Transmission Seating Destination Sign
Detroit Diesel 6V71N 181 hp Allison V731 4 speed 42 - Otaco Model 6468 Rollsign


Thumbnail Build
VIN License
Status/Disposal Notes
8788 Brampton Transit 8788-a.jpg 8/1987 2G9YT82W7H3024008 BE1 656 RETIRED
February 2008

Sold - Scrap

  • Retained the older scheme when refurbished
  • Last Classic retired
8789 8/1987 2G9YT82W9H3024009 BE1 657 RETIRED
February 2008

Sold - Scrap

  • Refurbished May 2001.
8790 8/1987 2G9YT82W5H3024010 BE1 658 RETIRED
March 2007

Sold - Scrap

  • Refurbished October 2001.
  • Retired due to seized engine and corroded bulkhead
8791 Brampton Transit 8791-a.jpg 8/1987 2G9YT82W7H3024011 BK9 761

(prev. BE1 659)

February 2008

Sold - Scrap

  • Refurbished August 2001, fleet name colours mixed up.
  • Front repainted sometime prior to March 2007, acquired front stripes with no lettering.
8792 Brampton Transit 8792-a.jpg 8/1987 2G9YT82W9H3024012 BE1 660 RETIRED
February 2008

Sold - Scrap

  • Refurbished March 2001
  • Refurbished with incorrect logo color scheme.
8793 8/1987 2G9YT82W0H3024013 BE1 661 RETIRED
January 2008

Sold - Scrap

  • Refurbished March 2001.
  • Refurbished with incorrect logo color scheme.