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Flexity is a brand name given to a range of modern trams or light rail vehicles sold by Bombardier Transportation. As with most rail vehicles, Flexity trams are often custom-designed for operators. While they may share standard components, trams may differ drastically between operators. Flexity trams can be categorized by name as listed below.

Flexity Freedom

See Bombardier Flexity Freedom

Flexity Swift

Flexity Swift trams are 100 per cent high floor or have a low floor area at the middle of the tram. They are typically comprised of three sections, with the middle section being quite short relative to the others on earlier designs.[1] Flexity Swift trams are used in a mix of on-street track and separated right of way at higher speeds.

Flexity Outlook

Flexity Outlook trams are 100 per cent low floor and commonly used in urban transit service.

Flexity Classic

Flexity Classic trams are high floor towards the ends with the low floor area at the middle. The design was inherited from Deutsche Waggonbau AG when the company was purchased by Bombardier.[1] These trams are commonly used in urban areas.

Flexity Link

The Flexity Link is designed to operate on mainline track in addition to tracks in urban areas. This train-tram design allows passengers to travel into and around a city without having to transfer between a regional train and a tram.

Country City Operator Year Model Number of vehicles
Germany Saarbrücken Stadtbahn Saar 1997 S1000 28

Flexity 2

The Flexity 2 trams are 100 per cent low floor. Previous Flexity trams used independently rotating wheels to achieve a low floor. The Flexity 2 uses a new bogie design that allows for a low floor and uses conventional wheel sets. Flexity 2 trams are wider than previous trams at a width of 2.65 metres.[2]

Country City Operator Year Model Number of vehicles
Australia Gold Coast GoldLinQ 2013-2014 14
Belgium Ghent and Antwerp De Lijn 2014 48
Canada Toronto Metrolinx 2020-2022 Flexity Freedom 182
Canada Waterloo Ion 2016 Flexity Freedom 14
Canada Edmonton TransEd/ETS 2018-2020 Flexity Freedom 26
England Blackpool Blackpool Transport 2010-2011 16
Switzerland Basel Basler Verkehrs-Betriebe 2014-2016 60


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