Boeing 737

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Boeing 737
Boeing N8702L-a.jpg
First Flight: April 9, 1967[1]
Assembled in: Renton, Washington
Number built: 8514 (April 2015)[2]
Category: Short/Medium-Haul Narrow-Body
Manufactured by: Boeing Commercial Airplanes

The Boeing 737 is a narrow-body short/medium-haul airliner developed by Boeing in the late 1960s. At over 8500 built across all variants, the Boeing 737 is the best-selling commercial aircraft to this date.

Along with the original generation Boeing 737, the 737 developed into the Classic series, the Next Generation series and, currently in development, the MAX series.

The original generation and next generation passenger series are no longer in development.

Original Generation Variants


Next Generation

Boeing 737 MAX

Production Boeing 737s