Girardin Minibus Micro Bird T-Series

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Girardin Minibus Micro Bird T-Series
Blue Bird Micro Bird by Girardin Commercial MBII demonstrator-a.jpg
Years of manufacture 2014 to present
Length 19'4" to 22'8"
Width 86 inches
Power/Fuel Diesel, Gasoline

The Girardin Minibus Micro Bird T-Series is a type-A school bus offered on a Ford Transit chassis. The Micro Bird T-Series was introduced at the 2014 National Association for Pupil Transportation trade show in Kansas City, Missouri. As part of a joint venture, it is available from Blue Bird.

The bus is available in single or dual rear wheel configurations. The new chassis and body combination offers improved maneuverability and reduced weight over the MB-II. While similar in design to the MB-II, the roof was reshaped and shares its aesthetic with Blue Bird's other buses. The Micro Bird T-Series can be equipped with a wheelchair lift and is available in a commercial or school bus version.


Model number Length
4N 233 100/106
5N 253 100/106
6N 274 106
6R 274 106


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