Blue Bird CV200

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Blue Bird CV200
Blue Bird CV200
Years of manufacture 1992 to 2003
Width 96 inches
Power/Fuel Diesel, Gasoline,
Natural gas
Blue Bird CV200

The Blue Bird CV200 was a type-C school bus available in Canada and the United States. In 1992 General Motors (GM) signed an exclusive supply agreement with Blue Bird. They would be the only body manufacturer allowed to build on the new B-Series (B-7) chassis and would also be responsible for all distribution and service. The resulting pairing was named the CV200.

Toward the end of production, GM was interested in updating their medium-duty truck and working with Blue Bird to update their school bus chassis. Ultimately, Blue Bird did not feel the new chassis design was optimal, and the CV200 was discontinued along with GM's B-7 chassis. Around the same time, Ford was interested in developing a type-C school bus chassis with Blue Bird. In 2001, they introduced a prototype at the National Association for Pupil Transportation trade show. In the end, Blue Bird designed their own chassis and launched the Vision in 2003.[1]



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