BYD Auto K10MR

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The BYD Auto K10MR is a 45-foot low floor transit bus that was designed for the 16th Street MallRide shuttle in Denver, Colorado. The Regional Transportation District (RTD), who operates the shuttle, issued a request for proposals to supply the unique buses in July 2014. Proposals were received from BYD and Shaw International—the latter contracting manufacturing to overseas companies such as Bonluck Bus. In August 2015, the RTD board of directors approved the purchase of 36 new buses from BYD.[1] The buses were introduced the following year.[2]

Like the TransTeq buses they are replacing, the K10MR is right-hand drive and has multiple passenger doors with a separate driver’s entry door on the same side. According to the RTD, the right-hand drive gives the operators a better view of passengers and pedestrians as well as makes it easier to get closer to the curb. Unlike the TransTeq buses, the K10MR is fully electric and has an air conditioned passenger cabin.[3]


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