BC Transit 661-662

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BC Transit 661-662 were GMC TDH-4512 buses built in 1958.

They were originally delivered to BC Electric Railway for use in their Victoria transit division. All units transferred to BC Hydro Transit in 1962. In the mid 1970s these units were renumbered and transferred to various municipal systems in BC.

Buses owned by the Bureau of Transit Services transferred to the Urban Transit Authority upon its creation in 1979, renamed BC Transit in 1982.

Engine Transmission Seating Destination Sign
Detroit Diesel 671 Allison VH Rollsign


Renumbers Provincial
Thumbnail Date Serial License Plate Paint Notes
731 661 661 BC Transit 661-a.jpg 1958 2819 Orangeandyellow.jpg
  • Assigned to BC Electric Railway Victoria
  • To unknown system as 661 c.1976
  • Sold by tender in 1987
  • Converted into a Mobile Catering vehicle serving film and TV shoots in the Lower Mainland
  • Still in use as a food truck in 2016
732 662 662 1958 2820 Orangeandyellow.jpg