BC Transit 6081-6088

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Interior layout.

BC Transit 6081-6088 were GMDD TDH-4519 "New Look" buses built in 1965 for BC Hydro Transitas 754-761. All were transferred the Urban Transit Authority in April 1980, renamed BC Transit in 1982. While officially renumbered into the 8000 series in 1975, buses operating in Victoria typically only displayed the last 3 digits.

Under the Unified Provincial Fleet (UPF) system, they were assigned fleet numbers 6080-6088, and were renumbered to their UPF fleet number when transferred to systems outside Victoria. The original BC Hydro fleet numbers were not in sequence with the serial numbers; they were reorganized to follow the serial numbers when renumbered to the UPF fleet numbers.

BC Hydro Transit fleet ownership transferred to Urban Transit Authority (UTA) and operations assumed by Metro Transit Operating Company (MTOC) in April 1980. UTA renamed BC Transit in 1982; MTOC operations in Vancouver and Victoria moved into BC Transit in April 1985

Engine Transmission Seating Rear Door Destination Sign
Detroit Diesel
43: Otaco
OTA 220 bench
Push Rollsign


Renumbers Provincial
Thumbnail Date Serial License Plate Paint Notes
754 6081 6081 1965 C135
761 6082 6082 1965 C136
760 6083 6083 1965 C137
755 6084 6084 BC Hydro Transit 755-a.jpg 1965 C138
756 6085 6085 1965 C139
757 6086 6086 1965 C140
759 6087 6087 1965 C141
758 6088 6088 1965 C142
  • Assigned to Victoria
  • To Kamloops as 6088 circa 1986.
  • To storage by 1994.
  • Retired late 1990s
  1. All buses in the Victoria fleet were given names honouring the countries participating in the 1994 Commonwealth Games. These names (ie. Spirit of Canada) were displayed on the right side of the windshield of each bus.
  2. BC Transit Victoria fleet table showing names assigned to buses https://www.transitmuseumsociety.org/nextstop/Docs/Commonwealth%20Games%201994.pdf