BC Ferries route 8 Horseshoe Bay - Snug Cove

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Route 8: Horseshoe Bay - Snug Cove
Type of Route Minor
Terminals Horseshoe Bay
Snug Cove
Vessel out of Horseshoe Bay Queen of Capilano
Relief / refit Bowen Queen
Sailing takes 20 minutes
First and last sailing for the vessel out of Horseshoe Bay 5:50 am *
10:00 pm *
*Daily only from October 13 to May 13
First and last sailing for the vessel out of Snug Cove 5:20 am *
6:20 am **
10:30 pm***
*Daily excluding Sunday only from October 13 to May 13
*Sundays only from October 13 to May 13
***Daily only from October 13 to May 13

Route 8 is a ferry runs that is under contract from Province of British Columbia to BC Ferries. This is minor route in BC Ferries route network which receives subsidy from Province of British Columbia.

Route details

This travels in Howe Sound between Horseshoe Bay and Bowen Island.

Number of sailing

  • 15 sailing Monday to Friday
  • 14 sailing on Sunday
  • Note: Vessel Deadheads from Horseshoe Bay to Snug Cove on Monday to Saturday for first sailing.

How to determine the vessel for the sailing?

This route sailing every hour between both terminals.


Car service to Bowen Island started in 1957 by Black Ball Ferry Line with the vessel George S Pearson which carried 18 vehicles and 134 passengers.[1] In 1961 Black Ball was brought out by British Columbia Government with all asset transferred to BC Ferries. In 1962 BC Ferries put the first Bowen Queen which carried 36 vehicles and 188 passengers per sailing. BC Ferries saw the route gaining to much capacity on route which lead BC Ferries to build a 50 vehicles and 400 passengers per sailing, which become the second Bowen Queen. In order to keep with vehicles capacity and over height vehicles on route BC Ferries purchased the second hand Howe Sound Queen in 1971. After few months BC Ferries found Howe Sound Queen had found the small passengers lounge to be problem and it was decided to gave her new super structure. In March 1992 BC Ferries moved Queen of Capilano to the route due her having major issues on route 7 due the route being more enclosed and closer to maintenance yards. In order to keep up growing population on Bowen Island BC Ferries in 2016 to 2017 removed Queen of Capilano for mid-life rebuild which add gallery deck the vehicles deck. BC Ferries wanted to put platforms decks on Queen of Capilano but it determined the loading times would out way the benefits.


With Bowen Queen being retired the Queen of Cumberland is most likely refit replacement.


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