BC Ferries route 2 Horseshoe Bay - Departure Bay

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Route 2: Horseshoe Bay - Departure Bay
Type of Route Major
Terminals Horseshoe Bay
Departure Bay
Vessel out of Horseshoe Bay Queen of Oak Bay
Queen of Coquitlam**
**(Refit replacement)
Vessel out of Departure Bay Queen of Cowichan***
Queen of Coquitlam****
Coastal Renaissance*****
*** Main vessel after Thank Giving weekend to late June and secondary vessel from late June to Thank Giving weekend.
****refit replacement and secondary vessel during Winter break and Spring break
***** Main vessel from late June to Thank Giving weekend.
Vessel based out Langdale Queen of Surrey******
****** (One round trip during period between October 10 to March 31)
Sailing takes 100 minutes
First and last sailing for the vessel 6:15 am (Both terminals main vessel, off season)
6:30 am (Both terminals main vessel, shoulder season)
6:25 (Both terminals main vessels, Summer only)
7:00 am (Departure Bay, select days during Winter Break)
7:15 pm (Departure Bay, select days during Summer Season)
12:15 pm (Departure Bay, select days during Summer season)
2:30 pm (Horseshoe Bay, Saturday only during Summer season)
7:00 pm (Horseshoe Bay, Monday to Friday during Summer season)
10:10 (Departure Bay in Off Season Friday to Sunday, excluding December Break and certain day, and daily from Horseshoe Bay) (Both terminals on shoulder season)
10:40 pm (Summer only)
11:30 pm (Horseshoe Bay Sunday only during the Summer season)

Route 2 is a ferry runs that is under contract from Province of British Columbia to BC Ferries. This is major route in BC Ferries route network.

Route details

The route sails through Straight Of Georgia. The terminals are located in Horseshoe Bay and Departure Bay.

Points of Interests

  • Horseshoe Bay
  • Departure Bay

Number of sailings

  • 8 per day sailing during period between October 10 to March 31 excluding select days during Winter Break.
  • 10 per day sailing excluding Sundays during Summer season.
  • 12 sailing every Sunday during Summer season.

How to determine the vessel for the sailing?

Year round the morning sailing and early afternoon and the last sailing Queen of Oak Bay and the main vessel out of Departure Bay are on the same schedule sailing times. Starting with 3:45 pm sailing from Horseshoe Bay with main vessel out of Departure Bay and Queen of Surrey will switch for one round trip for period between October 10 to March 31. The Queen of Surrey sailing out of trips operate period between October 10 to March 31. The Queen of Oak Bay will always stay on route without switch routes for couple trips. During the peak season both the Queen of Oak Bay, Queen of Cowichan or Coastal Renaissance are on the same schedule sailing times. The secondary vessel on this route is always based out of Departure Bay. This route has two sets of schedules one for peak season and off peak season.


This route was started by Black Ball ferry line in 1953 with five sailing made Kahloke. The route proved to be popular with public within two year th another vessel, Chinook II was added in 1955. In 1961 Black Ball was brought out by BC Ferries with all asset transferred. With BC Ferries purchase of the route Sidney Class where primarily vessels on route starting in 1963. BC Ferries ordered three additional V Class in 1964 and 196 with each vessel being length between 1972 and 1974. In order to couple with demand on this route Queen of Cowichan and Queen of Coquitlam which introduced upper car deck with these newer high capacity vessel the B Class became secondary vessels on route or where transferred to Route 3. The demand grew fast on route that two additional C Class vessels where put on route in 1981 which allowed B-Class to be freed up and moved Queen of Cowichan to Route 3 until March 1996 when she and Queen of Surrey switch roles in the fleet. Between 1981 and 1984 Queen of Alberni provided a fourth C-Class. In 1996 saw the loss of four boat service in peak season, the route went down three boat service in summer. In 2008 this route loss three C Class with introduction of Coastal Renaissance in peak season which saw a re-work of the schedules. BC Ferries planned for two Coastal Class vessels to service route but BC Ferries found a Coastal Class vessel was better for commercial traffic on route 30. In 2018 this route saw yet another schedule change which tried to fix the on time performance of routes out of Horseshoe Bay. BC Government in late 1990s to 2000s tried to speed up the route with the PacifiCat Class. [1]

Future of Route

Two new major class replaces the Cowichan Class vessels on route.


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