BC Ferries route 24 Quadra Island - Cortes Island

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Route 24: Quadra Island - Cortes Island
Type of Route Minor
Terminals Heriot Bay
Vessel based out of Whaletown Tachek
Refit replacement Quadra Queen II
Sailing takes 45 minutes
First and last sailing from Whaletown 7:50 am*
*Year around
First and last sailing from Heriot Bay 9:05 am*
6:45 pm*
*Year round

Route 24 is a ferry runs that is under contract and receives subsidy from Province of British Columbia to BC Ferries. This is minor route in BC Ferries route network.

Route details

This routes northern part of Salish sea and travels between Quadra Island and Cortes Island.

Points of Interest

  • Heriot Bay
  • Rebecca Spit Marine Provincial Park
  • Whaletown

Number of sailing

There are six sailing a day year round. One sailing per direction on Tuesdays are dangerous cargo sailing. This route can have additional sailing added to schedule if certain considerations are met that one terminal requires 15 vehicles to be left behind on the last sailing.

How to determine the vessel for the sailing?

The ship leaves 50 past the hour ever two hours from Whaletown. The ship leaves five minutes past the hour ever two hours excluding the last sailing which is at 6:45 pm from Heriot Bay.


This route started in 1969 with transfer of Quadra Queen which was moved off of the route 23 and was renamed Cortes Queen. In 1979 the Ministry of Transportation Salt Water Ferries moved the new Nimpkish. Both of these vessels where able to carry 16 vehicles and 133/passengers.[1] In 1985 operations where transferred from Ministry of Transportation Salt Water Ferries to BC Ferries. In 1994 BC Ferries moved Tenaka to route to increase vehicles capacity to 30 vehicles per sailing but limited over height vehicles due her design. With the retired of Tenaka in 2016, BC Ferries moved the Tachek permanently to route which increase over height vehicles capacity on route.

Future of route

A single Island Class will be put on the route.


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