BC Ferries route 23 Campbell River - Quadra Island

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Route 23: Campbell River - Quadra Island
Type of Route Minor
Terminals Quathiaski Cove
Campbell River
Vessel based out of Quathiaski Cove Powell River Queen
Refit replacement Bowen Queen
Sailing takes 10 minutes
First and last sailing from Quathiaski Cove 6:15 am *
10:00 pm **
11:00 pm ***
*year round
**Sunday to Thursday year round
***Friday and Saturday year round
First and last sailing from Campbell River 6:40 am *
10:30 pm **
11:30 pm ***
*Year round
**Sunday to Thursday year round
***Friday and Saturday year round

Route 23 is a ferry runs that is under contract and receives subsidy from Province of British Columbia to BC Ferries. This is minor route in BC Ferries route network.

Route details

This route sails through the discovery passage which requires vessels with high horse power. This route connects Campbell River and Quadra Island.

Points of Interests

  • Campbell River Waterfront
  • Quathiaski Cove

Number of sailing

  • 17 sailing Monday through Thursday
  • 18 sailing Friday through Saturday
  • 16 sailing Sundays

How to determine the vessel for the sailing?

The ship usually leaves from Quathiaski Cove on hour except for 6:15 am, 7:05 am and 5:50 pm. The ship usually from Campbell River half past the hour excluding 6:40 am, 5:25 pm and 6:15 pm.


Car service to the Island started in 1960 with Ministry of Transportation Salt Water Ferries Quadra Queen which handle 16 vehicles and 133 passengers per sailing she proved to small for route after nine years of operations. In 1969 the Ministry of Transportation Salt Water Ferries built the Quadra Queen II which could handle 30 vehicles and 150 passengers per sailing which lasted until 1988. Starting in 1979 in order to keep up with summer months demand of route Ministry of Transportation Salt Water Ferries placed the Tachek on route along with her sister ship the Quadra Queen II. In 1985 this route was taken over by BC Ferries along with Ministry of Transportation Salt Water Ferries vessels. In 1988 BC Ferries put North Island Princess in winter the months and summer months the vessel was Mayne Queen. BC Ferries knew they need bigger vessel on the route but the vessel needed handle Discovery Passage current safely. In 1988 BC Ferries tried Quinsam which she couldn’t handle the Discovery Passage current in safe manner. In 1991 BC Ferries tested Queen of Capilano for her hull design to help the design for the propose brand new class vessels to take operations of route which was to be called the Century Class which never panned out as planned. In 1991 to keep up with demand on route BC Ferries put Powell River Queen which stays on the route year round. Two boat service was scheduled to begin in Spring 2022 but due difficulties hiring crew for to meet Transport Canada crew requirements which could take a least until the winter of 2023.

Future of Route

BC Ferries will bring back two boat service year around on route in early 2022 with Island Nagalis and Island K’ulut’a, the new schedule will be released sometime in 2022. [1] In Spring 2022 two Island Class vessels will enter service both of vessels being based on Quadra Island, with one vessel operates 18 hours a day while the other vessel operates 12 hours the vessels. The future of the route could see the second vessel schedule being increase to more hours of the day.


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