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The T class is a series of two vessels owned and operated by BC Ferries. They were constructed in 1969 by Allied Shipbuilders in Vancouver, BC for the BC Ministry of Transportation and Highways, and were based on the design of the earlier Tenaka.

The T class are minor vessels with lower capacity, and typically operate on routes with lower demand. Both vessels are single ended and have raised bows, which improves navigation of heavy seas. The passenger deck is located above the vehicle deck.


BC Ferries Tachek-a.jpg
Built 1969, Vancouver
IMO 6920343
Home base Whaletown
Route(s) served 24

Tachek is the first of two T class vessels.[1]

Originally named Texada Queen, it operated on its namesake route between Powell River and Texada Island. It received a major refit and engine upgrade in 1977, and was renamed Tachek. In 1979, the larger North Island Princess became available, and replaced Tachek on the Powell River - Texada Island route. With traffic increasing on the Campbell River - Quadra Island route, Tachek was used in the summer as a secondary vessel on the route with its sister ship Quadra Queen II, along with refit replacements for other minor vessels. Beginning in 1983, Tachek was used in the off-peak period on the Denman Island - Hornby Island route due her better for stormer weather of winter, in place of the Kahloke.[2]

Tachek joined the BC Ferries fleet in 1985 when all Ministry of Transportation saltwater operations were transferred to BC Ferries. In 1991, the larger Powell River Queen shifted full-time to route 23 (Campbell River - Quadra Island), removing the need for Tachek to provide secondary sailings. It was relocated to the Southern Gulf Islands, providing extra relief sailings on route 4 (Swartz Bay - Fulford Harbour), and refit replacements on routes 5 (Swartz Bay - Southern Gulf Islands) and 6 (Crofton - Vesuvius). Tachek also continued off-peak service on route 22 (Denman Island - Hornby Island) until 2006, when Kahloke was assigned full-time to route 22. When not in use, Tachek was often stored at Blubber Bay on Texada Island. In the ten years in between 2006 and 2016 she would be refit replacement for her sister Quadra Queen II on the Port McNiell - Alert Bay - Sointula route, Tenaka on the Quadra Island - Cortes Island route, or North Island Princess on the Powell River - Taxada Island route.

Tachek received a major life extension overhaul in 2012-2013, and was outfitted with an experimental hybrid power system: while conventional diesel engines provide the vessel's propulsion, batteries provide on-board service power. This experimental system was successful, and is expected to be incorporated into future minor-class vessels.[3] Tachek was assigned to replace the retiring Tenaka on route 24 (Quadra Island - Cortes Island) in 2016.

Engines Max speed Length Displacement Vehicle capacity Passenger capacity
1,700 hp 12.5 knots 49.53 m 807 tonnes 26 autos 150

Quadra Queen II

Quadra Queen II
BC Ferries Quadra Queen II-a.jpg
Built 1969, Vancouver
IMO 7003439
Home base Buckley Bay
Route(s) served 24, 25

Quadra Queen II is the second of two T class vessels.[4]

It was assigned to the Campbell River - Quadra Island route, replacing the original Quadra Queen, which was renamed Cortes Queen and later Nicola. Traffic on the route in summer months increased beyond Quadra Queen II's capacity by 1980, and its sister ship Tachek was required to run secondary sailings on the route.

Quadra Queen II joined the BC Ferries fleet in 1985 when all Ministry of Transportation saltwater operations were transferred to BC Ferries, and continued to operate on the same route 23. In 1991, Powell River Queen replaced Quadra Queen II on route 23, and it was transferred to route 25 (Port McNeill - Alert Bay - Sointula), replacing Tenaka.

Quadra Queen II is recognizable by its unique native artwork, painted on the front of the vessel below the bridge.

From 2010-2011, Quadra Queen II received a life extension overhaul, to prepare it for another 15-20 years of service. With a new minor class vessel expected to begin operating on route 25 in 2019, Quadra Queen II will become a spare/refit vessel, enabling the current spare vessel (Quinitsa) to replace Howe Sound Queen on route 6.[3]

Engines Max speed Length Displacement Vehicle capacity Passenger capacity
1,700 hp 12.5 knots 49.61 m 819 tonnes 26 autos 150


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