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Saltspring Queen was a single unclassed vessel owned and operated by BC Ferries. It was built in 1949 in Esquimalt, BC.

As a small ferry designed for short runs, it had minimal passenger facilities. There were four lanes on the main deck for vehicles, with a small superstructure spanning the deck lanes containing the bridge.

Saltspring Queen was very similar in construction to another second-hand vessel acquired by BC Ferries, Vesuvius Queen. In their later days, the two vessels were interchangeable with each other, operating as refit replacements for the other.

Saltspring Queen

Saltspring Queen
Built 1949, Esquimalt
Home base Fulford Harbour
Route(s) served Various

Saltspring Queen was the only vessel in its class.

Saltspring Queen was originally built as Delta Princess in 1949 for service on the Fraser River, operating between Ladner and Woodward's Landing. In 1959, the George Massey tunnel opened, rendering the Delta Princess surplus. It was purchased by Gulf Island Ferry Co., who operated it in the Gulf Islands.

BC Ferries acquired the Delta Princess when it purchased the assets of Gulf Island Ferry in 1961. BC Ferries initially operated Delta Princess primarily on route 4 (Swartz Bay - Fulford Harbour), and renamed it to Saltspring Princess in 1963 to follow BC Ferries' new naming policy. After Bowen Queen was transferred to route 4 in 1971, Saltspring Queen shifted to route 5 (Swartz Bay - Gulf Islands) as a secondary vessel during the summer, occasionally serving on route 4 during the off-season while Bowen Queen replaced other Powell River class vessels.

By the mid-1980s, Saltspring Queen had become a spare vessel, with BC Ferries having a surplus of small vessels acquired from the BC Department of Highways and Transportation. Saltspring Queen operated on a number of short sheltered routes as a spare/relief vessel. It also occasionally saw service operating for Translink on the Albion Ferry, replacing Kulleet and Klatawa when they were in refit.

Saltspring Queen was retired in 1996, where it was purchased and renamed Golden Queen. It is currently tied up on the banks of the Fraser River near Ladner, BC.

Engines Max speed Length Displacement Vehicle capacity Passenger capacity
Two Vivian diesel
480 hp
10 knots 44 m 276 tonnes 36 autos 187