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The Queen of New Westminster is a vessel owned and operated by BC Ferries.

They were built between 1964 as part of the Victoria class, which contained 7 vessels. These vessels were ordered to accommodate fast-growing ridership on the route between Tsawwassen and Swartz Bay, and to start service on the newly transferred route between Departure Bay and Horseshoe Bay from Black Ball Ferry Line. All vessels in the Victoria class were modified to increase capacity, first with the addition of platform decks to carry approximately 40 more underheight vehicles, then a 25 m section was added between 1969 and 1972 to lengthen the vessels. The passenger areas were also reconfigured at this time. Four vessels (Queen of Victoria, Queen of Vancouver, Queen of Esquimalt, and Queen of Saanich) had a full upper vehicle deck added in 1981-1982; the remaining 3 vessels were reclassed into the new Burnaby class. Queen of New Westminster also had an upper vehicle deck added and engines upgraded in 1991, resulting in it being removed from the Burnaby class.

Queen of New Westminster

Queen of New Westminster
BC Ferries Queen of New Westminster-a.jpg
Built 1964, Victoria
Home base Tsawwassen
Route(s) served 1 (Secondary vessel during Summer, Christmas and spring break) and spare 30

Queen of New Westminster was the 6th Victoria class vessel built for BC Ferries.[1]

She received the length upgrade in 1973. It was one of three Victoria class vessels not to be lifted to receive an upper car deck in 1981-1982, and as such was reclassified as a Burnaby class vessel. In 1991, after a major engine failure, and also to help start route 30 (Tsawwassen - Duke Point) it was designated to undergo a major rebuild, which involved lifting the vessel to receive an upper car deck, and received new, more powerful engines. Because of these modifications, it was removed from the Burnaby class. In 2009 came from a major refit to keep in service until a least 2021, which meant she got new interior, a seawest lounge. She was the replacement for the Queen of Vancouver , now is the secondary vessel during Summer, Christmas and spring break based out Tsawwassen and service as spare vessel on route 30 Tsawwassen - Duke Point route for Queen of Alberni. BC Ferries tries not use her on Tsawwassen - Swartz Bay refit replacement for other vessels due a her carrying capacity compared to the other vessels on the route.[2]

Engines Max speed Length Displacement Vehicle capacity Passenger capacity
Four Wärtsilä engines
16800 hp
20 knots 129.97 m 6,189 tonnes 270 autos 1,332


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