BC Ferries Queen of Chilliwack

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The Queen of Chilliwack class contains a single vessel owned and operated by BC Ferries.

Queen of Chilliwack

Queen of Chilliwack
Built 1978, Norway
Home base Bella Coola (summer)
Route(s) served 40 (summer)

Queen of Chilliwack was the only vessel in its class.

Originally built as Bastø I, it operated in Oslofjorden between Moss and Horten. It was purchased in early 1991 by BC Ferries, and refitted for service on route 5 (Swartz Bay - Gulf Islands). It was quickly shifted to route 7 (Saltery Bay - Earls Cove) by 1992, to replace Queen of Capilano.

In 1996, BC Ferries launched a new service through the Discovery Coast, route 40 (Port Hardy - Bella Coola), and Queen of Chilliwack received another refit for service on this route. During the summer, Queen of Chilliwack worked on route 40, and was shifted to route 7 during the off-peak season. Queen of Tsawwassen operated on route 7 during the summer periods while Queen of Chilliwack was on route 40. After Island Sky entered service in February 2009, Queen of Chilliwack only served on route 40 during the summer, and was stored during the off-peak season.[1]

With low ridership and high costs, route 40 was discontinued in late 2013. Queen of Chilliwack sat unused, before being sold in 2015 to Groundar Shipping of Fiji as Lomaiviti Princes III.

Engines Max speed Length Displacement Vehicle capacity Passenger capacity
5,880 hp 14 knots 114.5 m 5,618 tonnes 115 autos 389


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