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The Baynes Sound Connector class contains a single cable ferry owned and operated by BC Ferries.

As a cable ferry, Baynes Sound Connector is not self-propelled. Engines located on either shore tighten an underwater cable that pulls the ferry towards the opposite shore. Two other guide cables keep the ferry on a straight course. When Baynes Sound Connector is not in operation, the cables are slack, resting on the ocean floor, allowing other marine vessels to pass. To control marine traffic, lights on both terminals function similarly to regular traffic lights - a green light indicates it is safe to cross, a red light indicates the cables are tightened, and no boats may cross.

Plans to construct a cable ferry between Buckley Bay and Denman Island first surfaced in 2009. The main benefits cited of introducing a cable ferry were reduced costs, through lower fuel consumption and lower staffing requirements. The 1.7 km distance covered would be the longest cable ferry in the world, and one of the few to operate in salt water. Other concerns raised included the projected amount of cost savings ($2 million per year), the need and costs associated with reconstructing both loading terminals, potential conflict with marine traffic, and performance issues in stormy weather conditions.

Baynes Sound Connector

Baynes Sound Connector
BC Ferries Baynes Sound Connector-a.jpg
Built 2015, Vancouver
IMO number 9739252
Home base Denman Island
Route(s) served 21

Baynes Sound Connector is the only cable ferry in the BC Ferries system.[1]

Vancouver Shipyards was awarded the vessel construction contract in February 2014.[2] After testing was completed, the vessel was accepted by BC Ferries in November 2015,[3] with revenue operation commencing on January 22, 2016.[4] Baynes Sound Connector replaced Quinitsa on route 21, which became a spare vessel, retiring Tenaka.

Engines Max speed Length Displacement Vehicle capacity Passenger capacity
Detroit Diesel Series S60 499 hp 8.5 knots 78.5 m 750 tonnes 45 autos 150