Asea Brown Boveri HR150G

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Years of manufacture 1981 to 1982
Length 40 feet
Width 102 inches
Power/Fuel Electric, 600 VDC

The BBC HR150G was an electric trolleybus built for Edmonton Transit System between 1981 and 1982. 100 units were built, numbered 100 to 199.

The bodies are that of a General Motors T6H-5307N.

Further details, including details about the buses themselves can be found on their page: Edmonton Transit System 100-199.


Interior layout.
Driver's area.
130 as it was delivered.
135 after its cosmetic refurbishment.
Units 109 and 110 were sold to the Miami Valley Regional Transit Authority in 1993.
The TTC leased some of Edmonton's trolleys between 1990 and 1993. Here is TTC 9254 posing beside ETS 176.
160 was equipped with an APU as a trial



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  • Sofía Public Transport - Sofía
    • Note: All refurbished buses (minus unit 140) were sent to Bulgaria, but import fees were not paid. The buses sat in a shipyard for years before being scrapped.

Preserved Units

Year Thumbnail Serial Owners Fleet number Current owner Notes
09/1981 Edmonton Transit System 100.jpg BE001 ETS 100 Edmonton Transit Service
  • Prototype
1982 BE010 ETS
  • Parts bus for 110
05/1982 Miami Valley Regional Transit Authority 110-a.jpg BE011 ETS
06/1982 Edmonton Transit System 113-a.jpg BE014 ETS 113 Edmonton Transit Service
04/1982 Edmonton Transit System 125.jpg BE026 ETS 125 Seashore Trolley Museum
05/1982 Edmonton Transit System 132.jpg BE033 ETS 132 TRAMS
03/1982 Edmonton Transit System 137.jpg BE038 ETS 137 Edmonton Transit Service
05/1982 Edmonton Transit System 140.jpg BE041 ETS 140 Edmonton Transit Service
  • Only refurbished unit to not be sent to Bulgaria
06/1982 Edmonton Transit System 151-a.jpg BE052 ETS
151 Edmonton Transit Service
06/1982 Edmonton Transit System 152.jpg BE052 ETS
Sofía Public Transport
152 Sofía Trolleybus Museum
  • Refurbished unit
  • Did last BBC trolleybus run (Brill 202 was the last)
  • Scrapped just before funds for its purchase were collected
07/1982 Edmonton Transit System 181-a.jpg BE082 ETS
181 Illinois Railway Museum
10/1982 Edmonton Transit System 189.jpg BE090 ETS
189 Trolleybus Museum at Sandtoft (England)
  • One of only 3 Fishbowls in Europe
10/1982 Edmonton Transit System 199.jpg BE100 ETS
199 Reynolds - Alberta Museum
  • Only in their possession on paper, likely scrapped