Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority route 98 'AirRide'

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Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority route 98 'AirRide' is wheelchair accessible.
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98 AirRide
Communities Served Ann Arbor, Romulus
Days of Operation Daily
Vehicles Used Motor Coach Industries D4505, Prevost H3-45
Average Daily Weekday Ridership (2015) 238

98 AirRide refers to the Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority-controlled portion of Indian Trails' Michigan Flyer service between the Blake Transit Center and Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport in Michigan. As Indian Trails is a partner in this route, it uses their Motor Coach Industries D4505 and Prevost H3-45 vehicles and most trips continue northwest to East Lansing with an additional intermediate stop in Jackson.

Route Details

This route is one of only three AAATA routes to cross over into Wayne County. However, it is the only AAATA route to provide a direct connection to Suburban Mobility Authority for Regional Transportation, the dominant agency in this area of Wayne County, in this case routes 125 Fort Street/Eureka Road and 280 Middlebelt South, though a separate fare must be paid.


Realizing a demand for service to Metro Airport from Washtenaw County, the then-AATA paid Indian Trails to add a Michigan Flyer stop in Ann Arbor, which began in 2012. The portion from Ann Arbor eastward was immediately contracted out to the AATA and became route 787.

May 2016

Prior to May 1, 2016, this route was numbered 787. On May 19, 2016, service to the Kensington Hotel near Briarwood Mall was withdrawn due to a dispute between Indian Trails and the Wayne County Airport Authority, which controls transportation service within DTW.

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