Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority route 3 'Huron River'

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Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority route 3 'Huron River' is wheelchair accessible.
Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority route 3 'Huron River' is a bike rack route.
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3 Huron River
Communities Served Ann Arbor, Ann Arbor Township, Superior Township, Ypsilanti
Days of Operation Monday-Friday
Vehicles Used Gillig BRT, Gillig Low Floor
Average Daily Weekday Ridership (2015) 1,371

3 Huron River is a route operated by the Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority in Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States. This route serves Ann Arbor, Superior Township and Ypsilanti. This route starts at Blake Transit Center and leaves Blake every 30 minutes. Buses travel on washington to serve First Baptist church and UMICH North Quad. Trips are then traveled on State St to serve Campus Inn. The bus travels on Ann St and then turns left on Glen Ave. Glen Ave becomes Fuller Ave. Common Destinations along Fuller include, Fuller Park, Fuller Pool, Mitchell Field and the VA Hosptial. After leaving the VA, buses are then traveled down Glazier Way to serve Geddes Lake, University Townhouses, Huron High School and Gallup Park. Buses than turn left at Geddes Rd and travel east towards Ypsilanti, along the way buses serve Concordia University, Washtenaw Community College, St, Joes Hospital. Trips are finally traveled on huron river drive to serve Rynerson Stadium and Eastern Michigan University. Trips end at the Ypsilanti Transit Center


May 2016

This route was unaffected on May 1, 2016.

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