Amtrak Cascades

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Service type Corridor
Number of Branches 4

Amtrak Cascades is a state-supported regional route running between Eugene, OR, and Vancouver, BC. The route is operated by Amtrak, with some funding and rolling stock provided by WSDOT and ODOT.


Four branches are operated along the route. The main segment of the route is between Seattle and Portland, with some trains continuing further north or south.


  • Seattle, WA-Portland, OR
  • Seattle, WA-Eugene, OR
  • Vancouver, BC-Portland, OR
  • Vancouver, BC-Eugene, OR

As of 2020, all service between Seattle, WA and Vancouver, BC are suspended due to international travel restrictions.


Used to be funded by Amtrak until 1990 when the Washington State started funding it with WSDOT.


The route currently operates three round trips per day between Seattle and Portland, with one continuing south to Eugene. Service north of Seattle is currently suspended until the Canadian border reopens to non-essential travel, though bus service is provided up to Bellingham, WA.

Rolling Stock

Amtrak, WSDOT, and ODOT equipment are used to operate the route.

Passenger cars

This route uses special rolling stock which is only used in this corridor. The passenger cars are Talgo Series 8 trainsets, owned by ODOT. Previously, Talgo Series VI trainsets were also used on the route, however they were retired in 2020 following a report on the 2017 derailment. Amtrak [Amtrak Horizon|Horizon]] coaches are being used as temporary replacements for the Series VI until permanent replacements are acquired. The route also uses ex-F40PH NPCUs.

Motive Power

This route uses Siemens SC-44 locomotives owned by the WSDOT, numbered 1400-1408. 1402 was destroyed in a 2017 derailment, and 1408 was ordered as a replacement. Standard Amtrak locomotives may occasionally appear on the route if they are needed.