Amtrak Cascades

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Amtrak Logo.png
Service type Corridor
Number of Branches 4

This route is operated by WSDOT under contract to Amtrak. This is a state supported route.


Four branches are operated along the route.

Main branch:

First and major branch of the route:

Secondary branch:

International Branches

First branch:

Second branch:


Used to be funded by Amtrak until 1990 when the Washington State started funding it with WSDOT.


All branches currently have a least one trip every day. This route is part of the Amtrak Pacific Northwest routes. This is one of three Amtrak routes that goes up to Canada.

Rolling Stock

This route uses Amtrak and WSDOT equipment to operate the route.

Passenger cars

This route uses special rolling stock which is only used in this corridor. The passenger cars are Talgo Series VI and Talgo Series 8 which can operate at higher speeds. During the winter season three Superliners are operated on trips 510 and 517. During America Thanksgiving some Budd Amfleet I and Amfleet II may be seen operate on the main branch.

Motive Power

This route uses state owned F59PHI and regular Amtrak fleet P42DC. Rarely, a B32-8WH (P32) may appear on the route.