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American Seating Logo-a.png
American Seating Inc.
Founded: 1886
Headquarters: 801 Broadway Ave NW,
Grand Rapids, MI

Otaco Seating Co Ltd Logo-a.png
OTACO Seating Co. Ltd.
Founded / Defunct: 1985 / 2007
Headquarters: 625 Harvie Settlement Rd,
Orillia, ON

American Seating Inc. is a manufacturer of seating for the architectual and transportation industries based in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

OTACO Seating Company Ltd, American Seating's Canadian division, was formed in 1985 through the acquisition of OTACO Ltd. OTACO closed in 2007 as American Seating sought to consolidate operations.[1]


American Seating

American Seating was founded in 1886 as the Grand Rapids School Furniture Company. In 1899, the company acquired and merged with 18 other furniture manufacturers, becoming the American School Furniture Company. By 1947, American Seating had moved into the city bus seat market. In 1985, American Seating acquired OTACO Ltd of Orillia, ON, creating the wholly-owned subsidiary OTACO Seating Company Ltd.

OTACO Seating Co Ltd

The Orillia Tudhope Anderson Company, or OTACO, was founded in 1910 in Orillia, Ontario. Initially an industrial manufacturer, OTACO entered the transit seat market in 1972. In 1985, OTACO Ltd. was acquired by American Seating, becoming OTACO Seating Company Ltd, where it operated out of the Harvie Settlement Road facility from 1990 until 2007. In 2007, American Seating closed OTACO Seating.

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