Alstom Citadis Spirit

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Alstom Citadis Spirit
Toronto Rocket subway train.
Years of manufacture 2016 onwards
Length 30 to 59 metres
Width 2650 millimetres
Track gauge 1435 millimetres

The Alstom Citadis Spirit is a 100 percent low floor tram manufactured in North America, with the majority of construction taking place at their Hornell, New York facility. It can be composed of up to five sections and is capable of operating at a top speed of 100 kilometres per hour. The design has been tuned towards the climate, especially colder parts of the continent. According to Alstom, the Citadis Spirit is capable of operating in winter conditions up to -38°C.[1]



The City of Ottawa will be the first to operate the Citadis Spirit when the Confederation Line opens in 2019. Alstom is part of the consortium that was awarded the contract to design, build, finance, and maintain the new line. Alstom is is providing 34 49-metre LRVs.

On May 12, 2017, Alstom and Metrolinx announced that they had entered into an agreement that would see Alstom supply 61 Citadis Spirit LRVs to the Ontario agency.[1] In the second half of 2016, Metrolinx was concerned that Bombardier would not be able to meet their commitment to providing vehicles for the Eglinton Crosstown line. Metrolinx formally expressed their intent to cancel the contract and began looking into other potential suppliers. If Bombardier is ultimately not able to deliver vehicles for the Crosstown, 44 Alstom LRVs will be deployed on the line. If they are not needed, they will be deployed on the Hurontario LRT instead. The remaining 17 LRVs will be used on the Finch West line.[2]

Production and delivery

Ottawa's Citadis Spirit LRVs begin construction in Hornell, New York. Final assembly of Ottawa's LRVs takes place in Ottawa at the newly constructed Belfast Yard which will act as the Confederation Line's maintenance and storage facility. By the summer of 2016, construction of the first vehicle was well underway. On November 16, 2016, the nearly-completed LRV was delivered to the Belfast Yard. By the end of the month, OC Transpo had begun low speed testing of the LRV between Blair and Cyrville stations.

The Citadis Spirit LRVs for Metrolinx will begin construction at Alstom's Hornell facility. Final assembly will take place at a new facility in Brampton, Ontario. The Government of Ontario announced the new facility, located at 7 Blair Drive, in April 2018.[3]