TransBus International Trident 3

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TransBus Trident 3
Kowloon Motor Bus ATR305-a.jpg
Trident 3
Years of manufacture 1997 to 2002
Length 10.3 to 12m
Width 2496mm

The TransBus International Trident 3 is a 3-axle low floor double deck bus chassis. It was launched by Dennis for operators in Hong Kong in 1997 and was inherited by TransBus after the company's formation in 2001. The major operators in Hong Kong all took delivery of the Trident 3 as did Singapore Bus Service. In 2000, left-hand drive versions of the chassis were built for BC Transit. This was soon followed by an order for Gray Line New York sightseeing operations. Production of the Trident 3 ended in 2002 and was replaced by the newly-developed Enviro00.

The Trident 3 chassis had a longitudinally mounted engine at the rear with the radiator mounted on the right side of the engine compartment. Drop-centre axles allowed for level boarding and a floor that gently sloped up to the rear. The chassis supported bodies of up to 12 metres. Shorter lengths were introduced from 1999 to 2000.

The Walter Alexander ALX500 and Duple Metsec DM5000 were both available on the Trident 3 chassis. The two manufacturers were part of the group of companies merged into TransBus International.



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Preserved Coaches

Year Thumbnail VIN Original Owner Fleet Number Current Owner
2000 BC Transit 9001-a.jpg SFD123BL0XGT70943 BC Transit 9001 Alexander Dennis