Alexander Dennis Dart SLF

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Alexander Dennis Dart SLF
Dennis Dart
RHD Dart SLF with Plaxton body
Years of manufacture 1995 to 2008
Length 8.8 to 11.3 metres
Width 2360 millimetres
Fuel CNG, Diesel
Dennis Dart
LHD Dart SLF with Plaxton body

The Alexander Dennis Dart SLF is a low floor midibus chassis. It was originally designed and produced by Dennis as the low floor version of their Dart. Like the Dart, the Dart SLF (super low floor), was built at their facility in Guildford, England. It continued to be produced by TransBus International after its formation in 2001. Following TransBus's financial trouble, production of the Dart SLF was continued by Alexander Dennis. The Dart was finally replaced by the Enviro200 in 2008.

A number of bodies have been fitted on the Dart SLF chassis. These include the Alexander (later TransBus) ALX200, Plaxton (later TransBus and Alexander Dennis) Pointer and Pointer 2, Caetano Compass and Nimbus, CAMO, East Lancs Spryte, Hispano, Marcopolo, Marshall Capital, UVG Urbanstar, and Wright Crusader.

The chassis used a deep drop beam front axle supplied by Kirkstall which allowed for step-free access to the front half of the bus. At its introduction, the Dart SLF was available in lengths of 9.2 to 10.5 metres. A longer 11.3 metre version was introduced in 1997. It was called the Super Pointer Dart as it was initially used exclusively for the Plaxton Pointer body. The following year, an 8.8 metre version called the Mini Pointer Dart was launched.

At the end of the 1990s, BC Transit was interested in lighter and more compact buses to operate on routes in lower density areas. They placed an order for the Dennis Dart SLF with the Plaxton Pointer 2 body. Soon after, the Mayflower Corporation, which owned Dennis, entered into a joint venture with Freightliner, which owned Thomas Built Buses, to sell the Dart SLF in North America. Known as the Thomas Dennis SLF, the bus used the Alexander ALX200 body. Alexander, like Dennis, was part of the Mayflower Corporation at the time.



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