Alamo 2001 ElDorado National Escort RE buses

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Alamo-Rent-A-Car operated a fleet of 2001 ElDorado National Escort RE 37' buses. They were equipped with Cummins ISC engines and Allison transmissions.

The fleet was operated at various airports across the United States. Known units are listed below.

Note that there is not a standard fleet numbering scheme across the entire bus fleet; each airport fleet will have its own numbering scheme. Often, numbers will be duplicated, and buses can be renumbered when transferred from one airport to another.


Thumbnail Build
VIN License Plate(s) Airport Service Areas Fleet
Status/Disposal Notes
2001 1N9EHAC851C084077 Orlando Retired
2001 1N9EHAC871C084078 Phoenix Retired
2001 1N9EHAC841C084121 Las Vegas Retired
2001 1N9EHAC861C084122 Las Vegas
San Diego
  • Image (San Diego)[1]
2001 1N9EHAC881C084123 Las Vegas Retired
2001 1N9EHAC8X1C084124 Orlando Retired
2001 1N9EHAC891C084132 Los Angeles 29 Retired
2001 1N9EHAC801C084133 Los Angeles 30 Retired
2001 1N9EHAC821C084134 Los Angeles 31 Retired
2001 1N9EHAC841C084135 Los Angeles 32 Retired
2001 1N9EHAC861C084136 Los Angeles 33 Retired
2001 1N9EHAC881C084137 Los Angeles 34 Retired
2001 1N9EHAC8X1C084138 Los Angeles 35 Retired
2001 1N9EHAC811C084139 Los Angeles 36 Retired
2001 1N9EHAC811C084142 Los Angeles 82 Retired
2001 1N9EHAC831C084143 Los Angeles 81 Retired
2001 1N9EHAC841C084264 Los Angeles 90 Retired

Further Notes