Alamo/National/Enterprise 2009 ElDorado National Axess buses

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Alamo Rent-A-Car/National Car Rental/Enterprise Rent-A-Car operates a fleet of 12 2009 ElDorado National Axess 40' CNG buses. They are equipped with Cummins Westport ISL G engines and Allison B400R transmissions.

The fleet is used at Los Angeles International Airport.

Note that there is not a standard fleet numbering scheme across the entire bus fleet; each airport fleet will have its own numbering scheme. Often, numbers will be duplicated, and buses can be renumbered when transferred from one airport to another. Also, buses can be rotated between Alamo and National branding, or carry branding for both companies.


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VIN License Plate(s) Airport Service Areas Fleet
Status/Disposal Notes
2009 1N9APALG09C084069 Los Angeles Active
2009 1N9APALG79C084070 Los Angeles Active
2009 1N9APALG99C084071 Los Angeles Active
2009 1N9APALG09C084072 Los Angeles Active
2009 1N9APALG29C084073 Los Angeles Active
2009 1N9APALG49C084074 Los Angeles Active
2009 1N9APALG69C084075 Los Angeles 20 Active
  • Image of 20 (Los Angeles)[1]
2009 1N9APALG89C084076 Los Angeles Active
2009 1N9APALGX9C084077 Los Angeles Active
2009 1N9APALG19C084078 Los Angeles Active
2009 1N9APALG39C084079 Los Angeles 25 Active
  • Image of 25 (Los Angeles)[2]
2009 1N9APALGX9C084080 Los Angeles 26 Active
  • Image of 26 (Los Angeles)[3]

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