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Airdrie Transit is a public transit service serving Airdrie, Alberta.

Service consists of three regional transit routes (branded Intercity Express or ICE) operating to and from downtown Calgary, to and from CrossIron Mills/McKnight Westwinds LRT, and to and from the Town of Crossfield, three local routes, a dial-a-ride program providing early evening and Saturday service, and ACCESS Airdrie, a paratransit service.


Airdrie Transit commenced service in 1980 with a minibus and secondhand vehicles.

In 2010, the service underwent a major rebranding and upgrading with new vehicles, and the launch of the two-way Intercity Express service to Calgary. First Canada replaced Cardinal Coach Lines as the contractor for local service, with the City of Airdrie operating and maintaining the ICE fleet.

Route 903 Airdrie-Crossfield was created in October 2015 as a pilot project to extend ICE service north to Crossfield, with the bus then continuing to downtown Calgary.[1] The pilot was unsuccessful and route 903 was cancelled.

Service was reorganized again in 2017. The three local routes were replaced by two routes (1 and 3) operating in a counter-clockwise and clockwise loop respectively around Airdrie, with route 900 operating all day as a north-south spine, with the LRT connection moved from McKnight-Westwinds to Rundle. Pacific Western was chosen as the new contractor for local service.



  • 1 South Terminal-Genesis Place-Gateway-8 St
  • 3 South Terminal-8 St-Gateway-Genesis Place
  • 900 Airdrie-CrossIron Mills-Rundle LRT
  • 901 ICE East
  • 902 ICE West


  • 1 West
  • 2 Central
  • 3 East
  • 903 Airdrie-Crossfield


Airdrie Transit fares are divided into three categories, ICE downtown, ICE zone, and local services.


Airdrie Transit is divided into three facilities. Administration is based out of Airdrie City Hall. The regional Intercity Express fleet is based out of 15 East Lake Hill, a City of Airdrie facility. This facility includes indoor storage and maintenance. Airdrie Transit's local fleet is based out of the contract provider's facility at 2 East Lake Circle. This includes outdoor storage, contracted dispatch and maintenance.


  • Address: 400 Main St. SE, Airdrie, AB T4B 3C3
  • Email:
  • Phone: 403-948-8875
  • Website:
  • Twitter: @AirdrieTransit



Airdrie Transit currently operates a fleet of 14 vehicles. The fleet includes buses for the Intercity Express, Local Transit and Access Airdrie paratransit. Spare buses for local service may be provided by the contractor.

Fleet Number Thumbnail Date Manufacturer Model Engine Transmission Notes
3700-3702 Airdrie Transit 3702-a.jpg 2010 NFI D60LFR Cummins ISL9 Allison B500R
3711 Airdrie Transit 3711-a.jpg 2011 Nova LFS Cummins ISL9 ZF 6AP1400B
3714 Airdrie Transit 3714-a.jpg 2013 Nova LFS Cummins ISL 9 ZF 6AP1400B
3715 Airdrie Transit 3715-b.jpg 2013 NFI XD60 Cummins ISL9 Allison B500R
3716 Airdrie Transit 3716-a.jpg 2015 NFI XD60 Cummins ISL9 Allison B500R
  • Delivered November 2015
  • Entered service mid January 2016.
3718-3722 Airdrie Transit 3719-a.jpg 2017 Ford



SOI 23

Ford Powerstroke Ford
3723 Airdrie Transit 3723-a.jpg 2018 Nova LFS Cummins ISL 9 ZF 6AP1400B
  • Equipped with USB chargers
  • Initially numbered 3718 when delivered.
  • Renumbered to 3723 August 2019.
3725-3726 Airdrie Transit 3725-a.jpg 2019 Nova LFS Cummins L9 ZF 6AP1400B
  • Equipped with USB chargers
3727-3729 Airdrie Transit 3729-a.jpg 2021 Nova LFS Cummins L9 ZF 6AP1400B
  • Equipped with USB chargers
3730-3731 Airdrie Transit 3731-a.jpg 2021 Nova LFS Artic Cummins L9 330 ZF EcoLife (6 speed)
  • 3730 License Plate is A-16957
  • 3731 License Plate is A-16958
  • Equipped with USB chargers


Fleet Number Thumbnail Date Manufacturer Model Engine Transmission Notes
V287, V290 Airdrie Transit V290-a.jpg 2002 Ford/Goshen E-450/GC II Ford Power Stroke 7.3L Automatic Ex-OC Transpo
304-305 Sept. 1970 GMC TDH-3301 Ex-Calgary Transit 304-305; bought in 1982
406, 409 1981 Blue Bird All Canadian Ex-Red Deer Transit 7159-7160; bought in 1981.
444, 446 1963 GMC TDH-5301 Leased ETS 444, 446
501 Dec. 1979 Flyer D900 Ex-Calgary Transit 502; bought in 1986
1179-1181 Airdrie Transit 1180-a.jpg 1995 Ford/Thomas Minotour Ford V8
1298 1996 Ford
1495 Airdrie Transit 1495-a.jpg Ford




2315-2316, 2325 Airdrie Transit 2316-a.jpg 2003 Ford/Corbeil E-450/Coral Ford Power Stroke 6.0L Automatic
2327 Airdrie Transit 2327-a.jpg 2001 Chevrolet/Corbeil 4500/Minibus Ford Power Stroke 6.0L Automatic Transferred from school service in Calgary around 2008.
2450 Airdrie Transit 2450-a.jpg 2004 Ford/Thomas E-450/Thomas Ford Power Stroke 6.0L Automatic Used for "Special Needs Transit"
2702 2005 Ford/Corbeil E-450/Minibus Ford Power Stroke 6.0L Automatic
3703-3709 Airdrie Transit 3707-a.jpg 2010 Chevrolet




GM Duramax 6.6L
3712 Airdrie Transit 3712-a.jpg 2012 Chevrolet




GM Duramax 6.6L GM
3717 Airdrie Transit 3717-a.jpg 2015 Grande West Vicinity 27.5' Cummins ISB6.7 ZF 6AP1002B

Returned to Grande West in 2016, sold to Transit Cape Breton in 2017.

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  1. Crossfield to Airdrie bus on the way, Rocky View Weekly, retrieved 02/16/2018.

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