Airbus A330

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Airbus A330
Asiana 7741.jpg
Asiana Airlines Airbus A330 at Kansai International Airport
First Flight: 1991
Entry Into Service: 1994 with Air Inter
Assembled in: Toulouse, France
Number built: 505
Category: Medium-Long Haul Widebody
Manufactured by: Airbus Industrie

The Airbus A330 is a widebody medium-long haul twin-engine airliner built by Airbus Industries. It remains as Airbus' most popular Widebody aircraft today. Today, the Airbus A330 operates worldwide on a variety of missions such as high-capacity short haul, medium haul and long haul services.

Airbus A330-200

Interior of EVA Airways Airbus A330-200.

Introduced in 1997, the Airbus A330-200 series carries significantly less passengers and cargo than a -300 series. However, due to reduced fuel burn and reduced drag as a result of a shorter fuselage and lower capacity, it can fly significantly further than the -300 series.


Airbus A330-300

Introduced in 1991, the Airbus A330-300 series is the original model of the Airbus A330. It shares the same fuselage length and carries the same amount of passengers as the Airbus A340-300.