Airbus A321neo

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Airbus A321neo
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First Flight: February 9, 2016
Production Period: 2016-Current
Assembled in: Toulouse, France; Hamburg, Germany
Number built: 537 (May 2021)[1]
Category: Short-Medium Haul Single-Aisle
Manufactured by: Airbus Industrie
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The Airbus A321neo is a narrowbody short/medium-haul airliner developed by Airbus in 2015, based off of the Airbus A321.

The Airbus A321neoLR is based off of this airframe, built for extended range operations.

A variant of the A321neo, the A321NX, was introduced in 2018 with an updated emergency exit and fuel tank configuration. Optional in it's introduction, the NX model became standard in 2020.


  • Length: 44.51m
  • Wingspan: 35.8m
  • Height: 11.76m
  • Range with max payload: 5,950 km (A321LR: 7,400 km; A321XLR: 8,700 km)[2]




Central America

Northern America

Southern America


Central Asia

Eastern Asia

Northern Asia

Southeastern Asia

Southern Asia

Western Asia


Eastern Europe

Northern Europe

Southern Europe

Western Europe


Australia and New Zealand


Registration Thumbnail Model Year Engine Notes
D-AVXA A321-271N 2015


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