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Urbis Transport urbain Les Moulins 29503 is equipped with an Aesys orange LED destination sign.

Aesys is a manufacturer of public transit technology, including LED vehicle destination signs, next stop announcements,


Aesys Inc. started in 1977 in the field of industrial automation and specialized in designing, engineering, construction and installation innovative visual communication systems using LED displays. Our products and systems can provide precise, extremely clear, real-time transmission of information and data

Aesys has its global head quarters in Italy and has offices or distributors in various countries around the globe. It began exporting its destination signs to North America in 2003, although the full line of Aesys products are not yet available to the North American market.


  • Libra - amber LED destination sign
  • Gemini - full colour LED destination sign
  • Zenith - multimedia passenger information system
  • VideoSIGHT - onboard video surveillance system
  • Bus Next-stop Sign (not available to North America)
  • Audio Voice Announcement System (not available to North America)
  • Automatic vehicle monitoring system (not available to North America)