Academy Bus Lines 2991-2996

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Academy Bus Lines 2991-2996 are New Flyer Industries XE40 buses built in 2018. All are used for Columbia University service.

Engine Transmission Seating Destination sign
Vancouver ETB


Fleet Number Thumbnail Date VIN License plate(s) Status/Disposal Notes
2991 2018 5FYB8FJ06JF054159 47629BB Active .
2992 2018 5FYB8FJ02JF054160 47628BB Active
2993 2018 5FYB8FJ04JF054161 47627BB Active
2994 Academy Bus Lines 2994-a.jpg 2018 5FYB8FJ06JF054162 47630BB Active
2995 2018 5FYB8FJ08JF054163 47626BB Active
2996 Academy Bus Lines 2996-a.jpg 2018 5FYB8FJ0XJF054164 47625BB Active