AM General Metropolitan Series

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AM General Metropolitan Series
Minot City Transit 1012-a.jpg
Years of manufacture 1974 to 1978
Length 35 or 40 feet
Width 96 or 102 inches

The AM General Metropolitan Series was a line of transit buses available in the United States. AM General acquired the rights to produce the Flyer Industries D700A in 1971. They redesigned the D700A with a new front and rear as well as larger side windows. Production started in 1974 with the first buses going to the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority. Flyer soon adopted the design calling it the D800.


The B series were all specified with the Allison V730 transmission.


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Demonstrator/engineering units

Below is a list of known demonstrator and engineering buses.

Fleet # Thumbnail Year Serial Engine Transmission Notes
? X10001 Detroit Diesel 8V71N Allison
4773 Apr 1973 X10002 Detroit Diesel 8V71N Allison WMATA 10240-8 prototype.
199 July 1973 X10003 Detroit Diesel 6V71N Allison
May 1975 000501 Detroit Diesel 8V71N Allison
? 000301 Detroit Diesel 6V71N Allison 9635B-6 demo.
Jan 1976 000107 Detroit Diesel 8V71N Allison 10240B-8 demo.
1976 000340 Detroit Diesel 8V71N Allison V730 10240B-8 wheelchair demo & St. Paul Bi-Centennial bus.
Feb 1977 X10004 Detroit Diesel 8V71N Allison V730 10240B-8 demo

Preserved Coaches

Year Thumbnail Serial Original Owner Fleet Number Current Owner
1974 ? WMATA 7529 Seashore Trolley Museum
1975 San Francisco MUNI 4154-a.jpg 9635-6-000390 San Francisco MUNI 4154 San Francisco MUNI
1975 ? Sun Tran 5511 Old Pueblo Trolley Museum
1975 Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky 1901-a.JPG 10235-8-______ TANK 1901/1930 TANK