ABQ RIDE 6901-6906

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ABQ RIDE 6901-6906 is wheelchair accessible.

ABQ RIDE 6901-6906 were 2009 New Flyer Industries DE60LFR buses. These are the first Rapid Ride buses to feature New Flyer's restyled front end, as well as a low-profile battery cap. These are also the first Rapid Ride buses to use Cummins ISL engines (rather than the Caterpillar C9). These buses also include overhead DVD screens similar to the 700-series and 900-series buses. They are also the first Rapid Ride buses to have vandal-resistant American Seating Innovator 850 stainless steel seats as well as the first buses in the entire fleet to feature LED interior lighting. However, unlike the 700- and 900-series buses, these buses do not feature frameless windows.

All six buses are based at the Daytona Transit Facility on the Albuquerque Westside alongside the 700-series, 6400-series, and 6600-series buses.

They were retired in 2019-2020 by 1901-1920 and 1921-1930.



Thumbnail Build
VIN License
Status/Disposal Notes
6901 2009 5FYH5YU099C035449 G 77232 Retired
6902 ABQ RIDE 6902-a.jpg 2009 5FYH5YU059C035450 G 77231 Retired
6903 2009 5FYH5YU079C035451 G 77234 Retired
6604 2009 5FYH5YU099C035452 G 77233 Retired
6905 2009 5FYH5YU009C035453 G 78958 Retired
6906 2009 5FYH5YU029C035454 G 78957 Retired Includes vents on the engine access door. This may or may not have been a production error.