ABQ RIDE 6601-6606

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ABQ RIDE 6601-6606 is wheelchair accessible.

ABQ RIDE 6601-6606 were 2006 New Flyer Industries DE60LF buses. Built in late 2006 and entering service in early 2007, these buses were added on to the Rapid Ride fleet in preparation for the start of the Rapid Ride Blue Line in the summer of 2007. They are mostly overall similar to the 6400-series buses, with the main differences being the style of windows (tip-in vs. sliding windows), and different seat cloths. These were also the first buses to include GFI Genfare Odyssey validating fareboxes, which have since been retrofitted onto the existing ABQ RIDE fleet in 2009. They were replaced in 2019-2020 by 1901-1920 and 1921-1930.

All six buses are based at the Daytona Transit Facility on the Albuquerque Westside, alongside the 700-series, 6400-series, and 6900-series.



Thumbnail Build
VIN License
Status/Disposal Notes
6601 2006 5FYH4YW076C031072 G 69036 Retired
6602 ABQ RIDE 6602-a.jpg 2006 5FYH4YW096C031073 G 69037 Retired
6603 2006 5FYH4YW006C031074 G 69038 Retired
Listed for auction on publicsurplus.com in August 2020
6604 2006 5FYH4YW026C031075 G 69039 Retired
6605 2006 5FYH4YW046C031076 G 69040 Retired
6606 2006 5FYH4YW066C031077 G 69041 Retired