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ABQ RIDE 436-a.jpg

ABQ RIDE 436 was a 35-foot Thomas Dennis SLF bus delivered in 2002. It differed from the other ABQ RIDE 400-series buses in the fact that it was a 35-foot diesel-powered SLF235, rather than a 32-foot CNG-powered SLF232G like the rest of the 400-series. It was the only 400-series bus in the fleet to feature a roof-mounted Thermo King HVAC unit (rather than a rear-mounted Carrier unit), and the only bus in the entire ABQ RIDE fleet to feature a rear window. Bus 436 also featured taller passenger seats than any other bus in the fleet.

Prior to 2008, bus 436 normally operated in place of a 200-series TMC RTS bus. Bus 436 was stored in 2008 after all 700-series New Flyer Industries DE40LFR buses entered service, however, in 2011, 436 was brought back into service. During its final years of operation, 436 operated on the Route 250 Nonstop Airport Express. As of July 2014, this bus has been retired and replaced by part of the 600-series fleet.