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Sample installation.

The USSC Gemini is a lightweight transit seat that was introduced in 2011. It was unveiled at that year's American Public Transportation Association Expo in New Orleans. The first agency to order the Gemini seat was the Washington Metropolitan Area Transportation Authority (WMATA).[1]

The Gemini is constructed from injection moulded polymer and other weight-saving materials. It can be mounted on aluminum, stainless steel or painted carbon steel pedestals and cantilevers. The seat's contours offer more hip-to-knee room than previous products. The Plastic back shell meets White Book Head Impact Criteria (HIC). A metal back can also be specified. Inserts can be padded tough-to-cut (PT2C) vandal resistant, standard fabric, vinyl or moulded plastic. The latter two can be made anti-microbial. The Splitflip option allows for the seat pan to tip up out of the way for mobility aids.


The following agencies operate or have operated vehicles with this seat:

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