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4ONE logo-a.png
Founded: 2005
Defunct: August 1, 2017
Headquarters: 150 Gordon Dr, Exton, PA

4ONE (officially 4ONE, LLC) was a supplier of heavy and medium-duty passenger seating to the North American market.


4ONE, LLC was formed as a joint venture in 2005 between USSC Group, Inc. and Freedman Seating Company. Beginning in 2007, 4ONE offered a range of seats from each of the two companies. Freedman's CitiSeat, CitiPro, Angel, Diablo, Patriot & Brasil were offered, as well as USSC's Aries & Mariella models. Initially, sales and customer service operations were to be headquartered in USSC's King of Prussia, Pennsylvania facility. The headquarters were eventually moved to USSC's Exton, Pennsylvania facility, with manufacturing occurring at both USSC's facility and Freedman's Chicago, Illinois facility.

On August 1st, 2017, Freedman Seating Company announced[1] that it had sold its portion of 4ONE to its joint venture partner USSC. As a result, the 4ONE-marketed seating models were returned to their respective companies, and 4ONE was dissolved. In August, 2020, Freedman and USSC announced[2] a multi-year manufacturing deal, essentially reviving 4ONE without the branding or marketing of a separate company or joint venture, and continue to offer the products originally offered under the initial joint venture.


The following seat models are offered by the 4ONE partnership:[3]

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