2016 Feature Photo Archive

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Date Image Notes
Jan. & Feb. 2016 British Columbia Greyhound Lines 43-a.jpg Western Auto & Truck Body Works T-28 built for British Columbia Greyhound Lines.
Mar. 2016 Selkirk Transit 7-470-a.jpg Selkirk Transit is the latest system to take delivery of the Grande West Vicinity. At 30-feet, this is the first "big" bus for the relatively new system which began service with cutaways.
Apr. 2016 Hamilton Street Railway 1513-a.jpg The Hamilton Street Railway has placed their Nova Bus LFS Natural Gas buses in service. They are the first, and so far only, agency in Ontario to operate these buses.
May 2016 Calgary Transit 2404.jpg Calgary Transit is currently taking delivery of their new Siemens S200 LRVs. The new cars, inspired by the aesthetics of a Calgary Flames goalie mask, will expand the fleet as well as replace some of the oldest cars. As of this month, five cars have been delivered. The first cars are expected to enter service in the coming months.
June 2016 Charterways Transportation 1132-a.jpg A Charterways Transportation General Motors New Look captured by Rick Jelfs in 1978.
July 2016 GO Transit 8198-b.jpg This GO Transit Alexander Dennis Enviro500 sports a special wrap promoting inclusiveness and diversity for the 2016 Toronto Pride Parade.
August 2016 Brandon Transit 68-a.jpg Brandon Transit recently took delivery of four Nova Bus LFS buses. They are the only system to operate the LFS in the province of Manitoba.
September 2016 Toronto Transit Commission 7300-b.jpg This month, the last of the Toronto Transit Commission's New Flyer D40LF buses will be retired. The Toronto Transportation Society will hold a charter to mark the end of their career.
October & November 2016 Metropolitan Transportation Authority 6333-a.jpg As of October 2016, 6333 is the Metropolitan Transportation Authority's last Orion V in service. It was built in 1999.
December 2016 Toronto Transit Commission 1272-a.jpg The TTC has unveiled a new bus livery inspired by the new streetcars. It will be applied to new and rebuilt buses going forward. Photo courtesy of the TTC.

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