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Date Image Notes
Jan. & Feb. 2015 Toronto Transit Commission 7036-a.jpg The TTC's Malvern-based 1996 Orion V buses get a reprieve as a handful continue to operate into the new year.
March 2015 GO Transit 2558-a.jpg Bombardier recently completed production of their "classic" BiLevel coach. Since 1977, a total of 1,118 coaches have been built for a number of operators across North America. A new generation of BiLevel with Crash Energy Management features has entered production and will soon be delivered to GO Transit.
April & May 2015 Foothill Transit F2319-a.jpg A year after New Flyer acquired NABI, they announced that the latter's product offerings would be discontinued. This brand new Foothill Transit NABI 42-BRT bus, is likely one of the last of such model produced.
June & July 2015 Union Pearson Express 1002-a.jpg The Union Pearson Express, which connects downtown Toronto with Pearson International Airport, officially started service on June 6, 2015.
August 2015 Toronto Transit Commission 8408-a.jpg

Oakville Transit 1405-a.jpg

Nova Bus has made big gains in Ontario. Agencies across the province, most of which are part of the Metrolinx Transit Procurement Initiative, are taking delivery of their buses.
September & October 2015 San Francisco MUNI 5300-a.jpg San Francisco MUNI will be hosting its Heritage Weekend on September 26 and 27. As part of the event, passengers will be treated to rides on historic cables cars, streetcars, and buses. For more details, visit sfmta.com.
November & December 2015 Agence métropolitaine de transport 1367-a.jpg Quebec's Transport Minister introduced Bill 76 which would dissolve the Agence métropolitaine de transport and replace it with two new agencies: the Autorité régionale de transport métropolitain and the Réseau de transport métropolitain. The former will be tasked with planing and coordination, while the latter will be tasked with operation which includes commuter trains and the CITs in the outer suburbs.