Škoda 14T

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Škoda 14T
Praha 9113-a.jpg
Years of manufacture 2006 to present
Length 30.250 metres
Width 2.460 metres
Height 3.60 metres
Interior of Škoda 14T
Praha 9115-a.jpg

Škoda 14T is a 5-section uni-directional partially low floor light rail vehicle. There are 3 powered trucks each fitted with 2 90 kW motors. The floors are low near all of the entrance doors and raised over the trucks, resulting in a 50% low floor vehicle. The 14T was designed for operation in Prague. There are 5 pairs of doors and a separate smaller door in the front for access to an enclosed driver cabin.

Initially the media refered to these vehicles as a Porsche due to some design work by Porshe Design Group but with the introduction of the 13T (Brno, CZ) and 16T (Wroclaw, PL), Škoda has branded their products as Elektra.


  • Length 30.250 metres
  • Width 2.46 metres
  • Height 3.60 metres
  • Top Speed 60 km/h
  • Seating 69
  • Standing 211
  • Low Floor Area ratio 50%
  • 6 traction motors totaling 540 Kw, 724 hp