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[Photos] LACMTA NABI Metro-45C for Silver Line

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Actually Line 902 has been made permanent by the LACMTA, but if it does go way, the Silver-Livery 45 footers will either be repainted and be put into Local service or transferred to SGV-9 which currently operates most of the new 8300-Series NABI 45C-Metro's.

Indeed. I did not attend the last SFV Governance Council meeting, but I did read the summary of actions showing that Line 902 was made permanent. However, and I think that you'll agree this is important to add, action was deferred on expanding it to the midday which the proponents of the line (Metro corporate staff and LA City Council members Tony Cardenas and Richard Alarcon) had expected to firmly establish the line as part of the service mix. The governance council expressed the concerns I mentioned earlier about the way the line was implemented, varying headways between the different categories of service, reduced service levels south of Burbank Boulevard, and the 60 to 45 foot bus swap. So, I think there is the very real possibility that significant change could be made to the operation of Line 902 down the road, and it will certainly be addressed again in future governance council meetings and the next service shake-up.

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