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Weirdest citybuses and coaches

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Aftermarket body parts to camoflouage an older bus into something contemporary have been around in North America for a long time now.

I guess I have seen this kind of situations there, too.

But never have seen such thing around my native Europe of this magnitude, though.

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Excuse me for restoring this topic, but I have some weird (old) buses from Portugal:

Starting with this AEC - Weirdest model and front


LHD bus with RHD position - Leyland:


An weird Salvador Caetano/Fiat with a weird front to be exported to Mozambique in the 1970s.


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Wow, that is strange. Were these reliable?

Most main South American companies acquired these in the past, notably El Condor, Valina, Urquiza, Plusmar, etc...

At the least, the engine is well known for it's simplicity and high endurance, and the bus' shape may otherwise avoid the people inside to get crushed in the case it rolls over, unlike square-shaped buses.

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