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Grand River Transit Sightings

Transit 20

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On June 29, 2016 at 10:00 PM, Transit 20 said:

todays sightings.

21002.7 Mainline

2608-2614-8021 are in cambridge for a unknown reason

They're in Cambridge cause I'm assuming Cambridge is short, oh 20902 has been operating as a Kitchener iXpress, not Cambridge 


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On 2016/7/11 at 9:58 PM, captaintrolley said:


Feel like should't be hard to repair...since the following one had been repaired...

2009 ZK6129HGA9, get fire in Mar, 2015, someone saw it this year. Engine: ISBE4+250B


I would like to name this photo as "iXpress GO iXpress"



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5 hours ago, Transit 20 said:

Rare Saturday Sightings.

2303-Route 9

2305-Route 201

2329-Route 13

very rare to see Orions out on a saturday.

Kitchener must be short again (not surprised) 

I guess 8014 and 21005 must like being in Cambridge

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9 hours ago, liruoshui130251 said:

For what reason?

if they are short of bus in summer, they must need more new buses to work in autumn? (puzzled:huh:)

The only expansion that I know of is the BusPlus servicing Hayward-Hanson-Fallowfield, no conventional expansion that I know of this year. 

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looks like 21327 replace 21003 near Fairview

21404 ended a trip of Rt 8 at Fairview at 10:15pm and started the next trip at Boardwalk Rt 13?:huh:


21509 RT3/10/12/16/27


Wrote sth. to track faster



2304 probably ends service at 23:04

2608 at RT3/10/12/16/27

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according to previous sightings, 8027 will end service at Fairview at 0:21:huh:

GRT prefers to put Orions at Rt. 20? Once there were three Orions at Rt. 20 and today are two.


14:45 12 University and King 15:31  ->   University/King to Conestoga Mall via King St.   ->   15:45 12 Fairview Park 16:59   ->   17:15 27 Chicopee 17:25   ->   17:30 10 Conestoga College 17:49   ->   17:50 16 Forest Glen 18:10   ->   18:15 3 Ottawa South to Downtown 18:39


again, three Orions at Rt. 20

2304, 20
2305, 8 
2307, 12
2308, 21
2311, 20
2317, 20
2319, 202

2322, 10

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