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Grand River Transit Sightings

Transit 20

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Yep that was 8901. I saw it at Cambridge Centre this afternoon. 529 was on the 51 Hespeler Road this afternoon too !

Thats funny because today I rode 2410 down on the 7 from Conestoga Mall at 3:10. So an ixpress bus was on the 7 and 8901 was on the ixpress. Hmmm... ;)

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I know! So did I, 520 was to depart Forest Glen at 6:15 and did, so earlier on, if you were to get the bus from the bus stop infront of the GRT garage, which is where some drivers switch off and go on break, I got 2432 at 5:42pm which the 3 doesn't usually operate, it only goes by example: 5:27 then the next one comes in half an hour, which is 5:57 and only during rush hour, you get mid buses during some times.

So 2432 was on the 5:42 than 520 was on 5:57 B) Which I wish I got, but I got crappy 2432

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Oh really? Maybe I misread your post but 2432 left Charles Street Terminal at 5:30 and arrived at Forest Glen Plaza at 5:57 and went Out of Service. I was on it :P

Anyways, If I waited only 15 more minutes at Charles Street, I could have ridden 520 ...

yes, when it left Charles Street, it gets to a timepoint which is infront of the GRT HQ and departs at 5:42 and went Out Of Service from forest glen :P i missed 520 too, it could've been my first time riding on it, but not seeing it :lol:

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