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6 hours ago, T6H-5307N said:

Cool. Did you happen to spot 7099 or 7117 anywhere?

7099 is also gone as well as 7109. 7117 is parked in the lot with the blank white and retired units. I'll double check on that as well as the status of 7124 as it recently had a small fire in the engine compartment. Not sure if it will be fixed or retired.

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9 hours ago, hamilton.area.transit said:

That kid has a long history of spamming threads with useless shit. Go look at the Burlington Transit thread (couple newest pages)

I'm well aware of that dumpster fire, however I don't see the point of following a user from section to section just to shoot them down when in fact they were asking a legitimate question that others (including myself) might want to know the answer to. 

Ironically in this case their post is less of a waste of bandwidth than most of what came after it...

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On 8/28/2022 at 9:50 PM, hamilton.area.transit said:

TCB is getting its first Xcelsior. Ex Genentech Shuttle unit 456 is headed up to NS. Its a 2014 XD40. Spotted in Hamilton, Ontario by a friend of mine, sent me a picture of it (wont attach it because i dont have permission to put it here).


Speaking of…



Transit Cape Breton garage closed after western black widow spiders discovered in bus delivered from California


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