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Coach paperbus thread

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As I was "auto-banned" from the original "Paperbus thread", and because I have a special interest in paper models of coaches, here's a special thread for it.

For those who think I'm using (even) blank papermodels from thirds, even asking for authorization before posting, ABANDON THAT IDEA, I'm doing MY own paperbuses of coaches, or Janusz's (a very friend of mine, polish) paper coaches (despite he's only doing european coaches)!

You are also very welcomed to share your own papermodels of general coaches.


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With the building of the GM PD 4107 Buffalo coach, I tested and corrected it. The result is below, along with two new liveries: Trailways and Pacific Coach Lines. Hope you like them!

You may edit the blank one into your own livery!

Without bothering more, here are the models:




Trailways (pink livery)


Pacific Coach Lines (old colors: orange and light red)

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Yet another repaint done on my Prévost H5-60 (previously posted on the "Paperbus thread"):



Also a Kässbohrer Setra S431 DT:

Sailor Moon livery


CatXpress Japan livery


Both motorcoaches have japanese configuration (right-hand driving).

Hope you like them!! :P

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