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The car has been at NRC's Ottawa facility for the past several months, and was delivered there by rail. Now that construction has started in earnest on the Trillium Line upgrades, the line has been em

I unfortunately don't know what was written here, but just to highlight that the 1990 cuts were imposed by the federal government, here their budget speech of 1989 announcing that the government would

And now for the official word:   https://www.viarail.ca/en/about-via-rail/media-room/latest-news/50168/12-december-2018-via-rail-selects-siemens-canada-to https://www.viarail.ca/en/abou

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38 minutes ago, Shaun said:

Is it possible to rebuild the HEP I and II cars to use them on the ocean once they procure new equipment for the corridor? 

The plan is to rebuild the HEP 1 cars because of their iconic value on the Canadian. The HEP 2 cars don't have that same iconic value and thus aren't worth the cost of another life extension to say nothing about the additional cost of rebuilding their interiors for service on the Ocean.

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Sleeper cars 8305, 8307, 8013, 8017, 8030, 8032 are currently being repaired at Rail GD in New Richmond, aiming to fix the damage caused by excessively low temperatures.

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16 hours ago, skyfirenet said:

The HEP 2 cars don't have that same iconic value and thus aren't worth the cost of another life extension to say nothing about the additional cost of rebuilding their interiors for service on the Ocean.

It has nothing to do with their historic value.


The HEP 2s are structurally in far, far worse shape than the HEP 1s are. And it's not just that they are older cars - they are - but also because their heritage is so much more varied, and their upkeep wasn't as good for periods of time in their various histories. Several of the cars are suffering from side sill damage, which is not really repairable on a Budd car.



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On 3/12/2018 at 10:12 PM, Shaun said:

I guess all of the circus cars where picked up? 

Could they not take on additional cars for use on the ocean when submitting the tender? 

The Circus cars went to North Carolina. If VIA could partner with Amtrak on a new Superliner order for west-of-Toronto service, some or all of the remaining single-level fleet could be consolidated to Montreal/East.

19 hours ago, Shaun said:

Is the retired  Amtrak heritage equipment in storage? 

What condition are they in? Is it a mish mash of different equipment or was it procured specifically for Amtrak? 

My recollection is that Amtrak's remaining heritage stock was in worse shape than VIA's (like the HEP2s, of various origins and maintenance regimes). The heritage bags and diners have been replaced by Viewliner II. If there was anything of any use North Carolina would probably have looked to buy it rather than the circus cars.

VIA could go down to CAF looking for some Viewliners of course but we might be all dead of old age by the time they got here given how long Amtrak's order has dragged on.

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1 hour ago, Shaun said:

I dont think Superliners can fit in Montreal Central station, and they dont have high platform boarding. 

If Skyline fit in Gare Centrale, Superliners can. You are mistaking the tunnel with the station. 

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5 hours ago, webfil said:

If Skyline fit in Gare Centrale, Superliners can. You are mistaking the tunnel with the station. 

Superliners have low doors only and Centrale high platforms only. But, as Dan pointed out, I wasn't considering notional VIA Superliners operating there anyway.

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Announcement today. Article here in the Hill Times.












Transport Minister Marc Garneau is announcing today in Etobicoke that the government will be replacing the current fleet of Via Rail trains operating in the populous Windsor to Quebec City corridor, as detailed in the 2018 budget. The new trains are expected by 2022.








Mr. Garneau will make the announcement at Via Rail’s Toronto maintenance centre at 10 a.m., alongside the Crown corporation’s president and CEO, Yves Desjardins-Siciliano.














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Here's the news release. Copied below in full.
VIA Rail’s fleet to be replaced in the Quebec City-Windsor Corridor
News release
March 19, 2018  Etobicoke, Ontario  Transport Canada
The Government of Canada is building on its successful long-term plan that focuses on people and on the things that matter most to Canadians, including a good transportation system. Canadians in all region benefit from travelling in a passenger rail fleet that is efficient, safe, accessible and affordable. To keep Canada’s travel system competitive and efficient, the Honourable Marc Garneau, Minister of Transport today announced that the Government of Canada will provide funding for VIA Rail to replace its fleet in the Quebec City-Windsor Corridor.
As it is reaching the end of its useful life, the fleet in this corridor must be replaced to help maintain passenger safety for the next 30 years. The new fleet will also:
  • reduce environmental impacts as engines with the latest technology will be more fuel-efficient resulting in air quality improvements;
  • improve travellers’ experience and accessibility by including visual communication media for hearing-impaired passengers; purpose-built accessible washrooms; on-board wheelchair lift, and a minimum of three wheelchair tie-downs per train, with two in the same car, an increase from the current one tie-down per train; and
  • increase VIA Rail’s operational flexibility and reliability by reducing the mechanical breakdowns that effect on-time-performance.
VIA Rail will soon launch a request for qualifications followed by a request for proposals. Interested bidders are encouraged to visit VIA Rail’s website regularly for updates.
Budget 2018 also proposes $8 million for Transport Canada to undertake foundational work to advance VIA Rail’s proposal for high frequency rail in the Quebec City-Toronto Corridor. This phase of the project would support further economic analysis of key issues associated with a project of this size, such as revenue and ridership projections, as well as estimates for capital and operating costs. This funding will also go towards: exploring opportunities to leverage private investment or a potential role for the Canada Infrastructure Bank, and open and transparent engagement with potentially affected communities, including Indigenous peoples.
These activities would inform future decisions, allowing the Government of Canada to move forward with the path most likely to deliver good value for taxpayers and the best possible outcomes for travellers.
“VIA Rail has been connecting Canadians together for decades and plays an important role in the lives of Canadians who rely on the train for their transportation needs. We are proud of investing in this new fleet to make travel more accessible and efficient for all Canadians, support economic growth and job creation and promote a sustainable environment for generations to come.”
The Honourable Marc Garneau
Minister of Transport
“We thank the Government of Canada for their trust in VIA Rail and for this historic investment. It will allow us to significantly improve our intercity rail service. It will also ensure Canadians continue to have uninterrupted access to the Quebec City-Windsor corridor on a sustained long-term basis. A new modern fleet will provide our travellers with safer, faster, more frequent, more accessible and environmentally friendlier service. This important milestone moves us forward with VIA Rail’s transformation plan. It will make VIA Rail the smarter way for Canadians to travel in the Quebec City-Windsor corridor.”
Yves Desjardins-Siciliano
President and Chief Executive Officer, VIA Rail Canada
Quick facts
  • The Quebec City-Windsor Corridor accounts for 94% of VIA Rail’s ridership.
  • Replacing VIA Rail’s locomotives with modern equipment will reduce nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, and particulate matter emissions by up to 85%.
  • Budget 2018 proposed funding to replace VIA Rail's cars and locomotives with 32 new, bi-directional trains, maintaining current seating capacity for use in the Windsor-Quebec City Corridor. This will ensure that VIA Rail's rolling stock in the Corridor will remain safe and comfortable, and generate fewer greenhouse gas emissions.
Associated links
Delphine Denis
Press Secretary
Office of the Honourable Marc Garneau
Minister of Transport, Ottawa
Media Relations
Transport Canada, Ottawa
Mariam Diaby
Senior Advisor, Media Relations
VIA Rail Canada
514 871-6010
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Latest on the status of revitalizing the rail line to Churchill. Full article here.












"It's got to be shovels in the ground by April. That's the target we're working towards," said Spence, conceding it's a complicated deal with a rapidly approaching deadline.





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