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Paperboat thread

What type of cruise you think it fits you?  

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  1. 1. What type of cruise you think it fits you?

    • Fun cruising
    • Classic/Old style cruising
    • Relaxing cruising
    • Adventure cruising
    • Freestyle cruising
    • Escapade cruising (2, 3 4 night lasting)
    • Luxury cruising
    • Life aboard (cabin/appartment owner)

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Hi, all ship model lovers!

This is for all paper ship fanatics: share your amazing creation, might be tanker, bulk carrier, cruise ship, etc, simple or complex... JUST SHARE THEM, doesn't matter how it looks!



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Well, here's the first paperboat: a simple, 16 hatch bulk carrier (V1.0). The V1.1 will include a self-discharge boom.

Up to now, try this one. It's a modded Japan Coast Guard ship, by the name of "Shikishima". Here is:


For the self-discharge boom, I'd like to ask you where might be good to install it; on the bow (mv "Canadian Ranger" style)


Or in front of the accomodation block (mv "Louis R. Desmarais" style)


Tell me, then. :)


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Here's something I found on the web: a riverboat model of the MISSISSIPPI QUEEN!!

I resized the pages, so you can print it bigger, and also I reduced from three pages to two. Now, take a look:



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Hi, for those who didn't assembled the paddle steamboat "Mississippi Queen" yet, here's two shots of the finished model.

Also, remember I didn't worked at all on this papermodel (no competences for such level, I just reedited the pics, so you can have all model's pieces reduced to 2 sheets, but with reasonable result model size), I just brought a relevant papermodel of a boat I found very cute (on papertoys.com), as I have five sidewheel steamers here in Switzerland, and I appreciate paddle steamboats a lot!

Watch this thing out, VERY SIMPLE to build:


Information: I printed this out in A3 size sheets, so the model would stand off more, as bigger models can show off more. Try it! I do not recommend A4 size sheets, as it makes too small, but can also be printed out, the result is almost the same. It's just because in bigger size is easier to build, and you don't have troubles for little pieces to rip off accidentally.

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The DOCKWISE VANGUARD preview, in the shape of a papercraft!

The normal carrier:



And the Spar Buoy prepared ship, WITH the Spar Buoy!



Instructions for the Spar Buoy: http://modelbus-sailormoon.webs.com/apps/blog/show/19366672-instructions-for-tahiti-spar-buoy

The DOCKWISE VANGUARD is now being completed at the Hyundai Heavy Industries in Ulsan, South Korea.

When entering service, VANGUARD will be the largest and most capable heavy lift ship in the World, with an expected maximum deadweight of 117 000 tons.

So big, that she can carry both the actual biggest, the fleet mate BLUE MARLIN, and her biggest cargo ever carried, the semi-submersible oil rig THUNDER HORSE at the same time!

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As said on my signature, the following papercrafts of ships are as following (subjected to changes):

IJN SHIMAKAZE - On the way



For further details, just leave your message here. :)

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