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Failed Photos


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You could crop that picture, but I wouldn't call it a failed photo. ;)

If you study the shot closely, you'll see that cropping the arm away would "sacrify" a lil' bit of the bus's back, too! :P ...And just a lil' bit would be HORRIBLE for me, since this is one of my BEST "bus in the snow" shot.

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You could crop that picture, but I wouldn't call it a failed photo. :D

Of course you won't :D ; this photo HAD to be on the "People getting in the way of Photos" thread, not here. Anyway, I would consider this a "fail", 'cause of that thing of cropping the photo that will sacrify a bit of the bus's rear. I'm really in a NO MOOD to do that! :P

Laser show anyone??

[removed image]


[removed image]

I like that!

Do you ever consider in creating a new album for abstraction imagery creations starting from "real" things? :)

It's 'cause there's a good "laser" work on here! ;)

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This would have been my first pan shot. If the blasted camera focused.........

This camera always finds the best times to ____ up! :P

Sorry son, it's not the camera. It appears the camera did focus, but, one of the things with panning is that ideally you need to keep the object being panned at a 90 degree angle to the lens. In other words, take a broadside shot if you want to retain sharpness along the whole length of the bus.

I can't exactly explain why this happens, but I suspect it has something to do with the object moving towards the camera, as you move the camera as well, so that the relative position of the vehicle doesn't remain the same to the camera lens during the exposure.

When taking a broadside shot, the lens and the object stay relatively the same distance away from each other as you follow the object during the exposure.

In the end if all relates to distance from the lens, angle of movement of the object relative to the lens, velocity of the object and size of the object.

If you, perhaps, had something cool like a shopping car or taxi where the sharpest portion of the image is, the entire object might have been in good focus.

(actually, I think that may have ended up being a pretty good explanation)

Chance to get a get pic of a rare LF accessibility Violation failed because of a shitty camera. ;)

I don't know if I would blame the camera, so much as the operator of said camera.

I think we have already established that your camera doesn't do a great job in dark situation. Most point and shoots don't. One problem with point and shoots is that you have a relatively small sensor.

I found when I got my first P&S digital that I was disappointed with shots from that. Images would be more blurry than from my film cameras (P&S or SLR). Problem is, with a smaller surface area for a P&S digital sensor, any blurring caused by hand holding for long exposure is going to be more noticeable then with a camera using a larger sensor or film. What might look like a slight blur on film looks like an earthquake on a small digital P&S.

I even noticed I couldn't hand hold long exposures on my digital SLRs, as I could with film simply because most consumer digital SLRs use APS-C sized sensors, which are smaller than the 35mm film frames. Higher end digital SLRs use a full frame sensor of a similar size to film.

Incidentally, as technology has allowed sensors to pack more pixels into less space, P&S cameras have become smaller and lighter which further compounds the problem of hand holding and blurring. Bigger cameras are generally easier to hold (of course, until they get too big). Hence, I'm also known to pack a Canon 120SX for the larger size and 10X zoom when I don't feel like pulling out a SLR.

Next time, go to the surface and shoot the bus in daylight as it exits the terminal.

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